Wednesday, November 9

Succubus Fucked by a Weary Traveler

Succubus for those that don’t know is a female demon. Happily they are usually smoking hot and quite horny hence the reason she sits impaled on a dick. Now when you hear the word “demon” you can usually expect things to end badly and indeed it usually does. But not all Succubi are malevolent. Pope Sylvester II in the year 1000 admitted on his deathbed to pounding one of these creatures and she was so appreciative for the dick she helped him rise to the level of pope. Where the hell do I find one of these?

Of course this is only a cosplayer in her demon getup. But I would imagine those horns would be handy to hold onto while you fuck the evil bitch from behind and listen to her unearthly moans of pleasure.

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