Thursday, May 3

Darkstalkers: Morrigan Aensland A XXX Parody

You're exhausted after fighting all day long in the Dark Kingdom, that's why you've come to seek out the succubus Morrigan. You know that getting involved with her is dangerous, but you need to unwind. You're a tiny bit hesitant, but when she reaches for your dick, you just go with it. By the time she's got her lips wrapped around your cock, you realize that you were in fact, in dire need of some R and R. And when you see Morrigan's huge tits bounce in your face whilst she rides you, you realize that you don't even care if this costs your soul.

Tuesday, March 13

Jessica Rabbit A XXX Parody

Jessica Rabbit has come to you because you're the best private dick in town. She's got a sneaking suspicion that Roger is cheating on her and she needs you to confirm that. What kind of short-sighted rabbit asshole would cheat on such a babe? Jessica can't pay you in cash without risking her covert investigation being exposed, so she suggests another form of payment. You usually only accept cash, PayPal, or MasterCard, but in this case, you'll accept pussy. When her plump lips are wrapped around your cock, all you can think is "Oh, Roger, how the tables have turned." If Jessica thought you were a good dick before, imagine what she thinks about you now.

Tuesday, January 30

Battlestar Galactica A XXX Parody

You've had it up to here with the Cylons, haven't you, Anders? Fracking toasters take any chance they get to try to fill you with lead. For the most part, you just hang out with other members of the resistance, but today, Kara Thrace is on Caprica to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo. You decide that even though it'll be dangerous, it'll be worth it to hang out with some prime Battlestar pussy. After helping her recover the essential artifact and fight off the Cylons, Starbuck is ready to thank you, and she chooses to do so by means of her slippery pussy and massive tits. You've earned it. So say we all.

Tuesday, October 10

Frozen A XXX Parody

Don't trust Ana and Elsa's snowman building abilities. They said they cast a spell over Olaf to protect him from the summer heat, yet just a few hours into summer, he was melting in the back of Ana's Corolla in a supermarket parking lot. She didn't even crack a window. When Elsa built you, she added a pinch more lust and an extra big carrot. Sick of living in an empty castle, Elsa created you for the sole purpose of fucking and after such a long winter, both of these girls are hot and horny. One thing is for sure, you might not have long in your solid state, so take this opportunity to fuck the two hottest babes in all of Arendelle.

Tuesday, September 12

Star Trek A XXX Parody

The Enterprise is in a state of disrepair and even though Uhura should be on board repairing the comms devices, she decided to take a quick trip to Earth. Spock has been a straight up cunt, she's fed up with his Vulcan bullshit and she's thrown altruism out the window, the only thing that she knows will calm her down is an ample serving of dick. You always wanted to be on the Enterprise crew, but you botched your exams so this is as close as you will ever get. Uhura will have to get back to the ship soon, but she won't leave until she's had her face painted with cum. Make it so.

Wednesday, November 9

Cosplay Tomb Raider Sex

I have always wanted to meet one of the designers of Laura Croft and find out just how much discussion was put into her tits.  Even for a computer game they are quite impressive. As the story goes Toby Guard accidently increased her breast size by 150 percent. As anyone can guess knows a room full of game design nerds argued passionately to keep the “feature”.

Thus we have our Lara Croft of today with a tight little ass and giant mammary glands to entertain us. I would have to speculate that realistically bouncing them caused a bit more work for the physics team.

Cosplay Pirate Porn

We are back with beautiful Cosplayer girls this week with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. This young lass is not the one being kidnapped but the one doing the kidnapping. 

Armed with a flintlock she is indeed an able foe on the high seas. And why not she is in good company for there have been plenty of female pirates though the ages though I doubt any of them have the assets that this lovely thing has. 

Anne Bonney is probably the best known female pirate. She terrorized the high seas until her capture in 1720. Ching Shih was another one supposedly commanding 1800 ships and 80,000 pirates!

But I would gladly walk the plank for this girl. The sexy swashbuckler bending over before me I would be tempted to squeeze her perfect ass and take her on a real ship ride.